Eye and Vision Exams

At El Paso West Eyecare, our team is here to help you get the vision care that you need. We're proud to put our patients' comfort first, and you can rest assured knowing that your vision care is being provided by professionals who keep up with the latest optometry research. Let’s take a look at the different types of vision exams provided by Dr. Schmalzle. 

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Vision Correction Exams

Not seeing clearly? It may be time for a vision correction exam. At El Paso West Eyecare, our team is here to help you get the right prescription, no matter how long it's been since your last update. We're also here to assist you in finding the perfect frames from our selection.

Contact Lens Exams

If you're tired of wearing glasses and are ready to switch it up, our team is here to help! During your contact lens exam, we'll measure the surface of your eye and assist you in finding the right type of contacts for your needs. If it's your first time trying contact lenses, we'll go over proper lens care, ensuring that you can confidently keep your eyes safe and healthy each time you use your contacts.

Acute Eye Issue Exams

If you're experiencing an eye problem, dealing with dry eyes, or struggling with allergies that affect your eyes, our team is here to help! Call us to set up an appointment, and please mention if you're facing an acute issue that requires prompt attention. We'll work to fit you into our schedule as soon as possible to help you get your eyes back to normal.

Eye Disease Management

Dealing with glaucoma? Have a cataract diagnosis? We're here to help. At El Paso West Eyecare, our team will collaborate with you to help you preserve your vision and manage your eye condition. There's no need to try to figure out your eye disease care plan alone. We'll combine lifestyle changes and prescription medications (if necessary) to support your eye health.

Your Home for Eye Care in El Paso, TX

If you're in search of a new optometrist, El Paso West Eyecare is here to help! Are you looking for an eye doctor near me? Our optometrist and eye care team are ready to assist you with your vision exam. Reach out to us today to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to serving you and your family for years to come.

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