Pediatric Eye Exams

Eye care is a potentially overlooked but crucial aspect of overall development in children. The good news is that regular eye exams from an optometrist can help safeguard their vision and lay the foundation for success in learning and overall well-being. Visit us at El Paso West EyeCare and Contact Lens Center in El Paso, TX, for pediatric eye exams and more information about optometry pediatrics and family eye care.

Pediatric Eye Exam

Why Get Pediatric Eye Exams?

Children rely on their vision to both perform well in school and to socialize with other kids. A child that has unaddressed vision problems might not perform well in his studies and might even suffer social isolation. This makes getting eye problems treated a priority.

A pediatric eye exam is a baseline assessment that can check proper eye alignment, focusing abilities, and for any potential abnormalities. Early detection of conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (crossed eyes) can be important for successful treatment and future vision health so that your child can perform well in school and in life.

Eye Exam Frequency

For most adults, getting an eye exam once every few years is recommended. However, that frequency may change for children, whose eyes are still growing. While these are general guidelines, certain factors warrant more frequent exams:

•           Family history of eye conditions: If you or your child's family has a history of eye problems, more frequent monitoring may be recommended.

•           Developmental delays: Early detection of vision problems can be crucial for supporting children with developmental delays.

•           Eye injuries or concerns: An eye injury or concerning symptoms like squinting, redness, or excessive blinking may require attention.

Get Family and Pediatrics Eye Care from an Optometrist Near You

At El Paso West EyeCare and Contact Lens Center, we understand the importance of eye care for families. Our optometrist is well-equipped to handle pediatric exams and can create a welcoming and comfortable environment for young patients.

Don't delay your child's vision journey. Contact us at El Paso West EyeCare and Contact Lens Center in El Paso, TX, today to schedule your first exam or discuss ongoing eye care needs. We are committed to safeguarding your child's precious vision and setting him on the path to a bright future. Call us at (915) 242-0682 for eye care from an optometrist near you. We are here to help.


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